BrainWorks has been recognized as one of the top executive search firms in the United States, ranking #46 in Hunt Scanlon’s annual roundup. This acknowledgement reaffirms our commitment to excellence in talent acquisition and highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Hunt Scanlon’s Top Recruiters Roundup

Hunt Scanlon recently unveiled its annual roundup of the largest and fastest-growing executive search firms in the US. This comprehensive list features a diverse range of firms, from industry giants to specialized boutique agencies, all of whom play a vital role in shaping the executive talent landscape.

The selection process conducted by Hunt Scanlon’s reporters and analysts involves a meticulous examination of each firm, spotlighting recruiters across various industries and sectors.

BrainWorks Ranks #46

Securing the #46 spot on this list is a testament to BrainWorks’ commitment to excellence and innovation in executive search. We are immensely proud to be recognized among the top recruiters in the nation.

What sets BrainWorks apart is our unique approach to talent acquisition. We prioritize quality, ensuring that the candidates we deliver not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Moreover, our streamlined processes enable us to meet your requirements in weeks, not months, offering a swift and efficient hiring solution.

At BrainWorks, we understand the importance of great hires in driving great outcomes for our clients. Whether you operate in Accounting & Finance, Trading, GTM, HR, Industrial, PE, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, CPG, Tech, Data, Legal, or Supply Chain, our dedicated practice areas ensure that we have the expertise and insights to identify top talent across a diverse range of industries.

Our Impact Beyond Rankings

Being acknowledged by Hunt Scanlon reflects BrainWorks’ unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the executive search. Beyond the accolades and rankings, this achievement speaks to our ability to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients. It’s a testament to the trust placed in us by organizations seeking top tier talent, and it reaffirms our position as a go-to partner in the realm of talent acquisition.

Our inclusion in Hunt Scanlon’s annual roundup signifies not only our past successes but our ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. We are immensely proud to be counted among the elite executive search firms in the US, and we’re excited to continue exceeding expectations and making a lasting impact in the years ahead.


BrainWorks is a recruiting organization that partners with clients to match them with recruiters who are experts in meeting their needs. Areas of specialization include Accounting & Finance recruiting, Accounting & Finance – Interim recruiting, Alternative Investments recruitingAnalytics, Data Science & Data Governance recruiting, Commodities Technology & Training recruiting, Consumer Products recruiters, CRM & Direct Marketing recruiting, Cybersecurity recruiting, Data & Data Insights recruiting, eCommerce & Digital Marketing recruiting, Financial Technology, Go-To-Market Search – Private Equity/Insurance and Financial Services recruiting, Human Resources recruiters, Legal recruiting, Market Research & Consumer Insights recruiting, Medical Device recruiting, Private Equity Recruiting – Portfolio Companies, Private Equity, Private Credit & Corporate Development recruiting, Sales and Marketing recruiting, Supply Chain & Operations recruiting, Tax Recruiting, Technology recruiting. We solve your hiring challenges by leveraging our vast network of highly skilled talent and our extensive, time-tested industry expertise. To learn more about how BrainWorks can help you, contact us.

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