Every company wants to attract loyal customers, but brand loyalty can often be elusive in practice. What makes customers loyal to one brand over another? The factors that build loyalty might change from one generation to the next or over time. Aspects such as location and demographics can also come into play. Although there is no formula for brand loyalty, there are unique elements that build allegiance to a brand.

The Product

Having a high-quality product is the foundation for establishing brand loyalty. A product that solves a concrete problem will also have a built-in advantage. If the product can give consumers a better result than what a similar product delivers, they are more likely to buy from that company again. They are also more like to recommend it to their friends.

The Experience

The user-experience is also an important component of brand loyalty. If a product delivers an innovative, unique, or artistic user-experience, the product will more readily connect with consumers. Apple has set new standards in brand loyalty and has achieved unprecedented success with multiple products. Their products are creative and innovative, solve real-world problems, while also being easy and fun to use, even though the price tag is higher than a comparable product

The Human Component

Humans are emotional by nature, and our buying decisions are based on how we feel about a product. If the brand appeals to consumers on a personal level, loyalty will follow. Many people buy organic beauty products, food products, or merchandise made from recycled materials for both health and environmental concerns. While social conscientiousness is a good motivator, the success of these industries tugs on our emotional heartstrings. Because the purchases make people feel good about themselves and the planet, they are willing to spend more to support the brand’s overall mission.

The Message

A product that motivates consumers will also help inspire loyalty. Nike, for instance, crafted their brand story in a way that makes consumers feel empowered to act. Their brand story is about taking initiative and staying physically active. Anyone can be an athlete. Their vision inspires people to challenge themselves to go further. And the brand’s message gives them the feeling of confidence that they can.


Another way you can tap into the humanity of consumers is to make your heritage or family history part of your brand’s story. Everyone loves a good origin story. It’s all about making the story compelling. If you started making your product in a small farmhouse or you have a rags-to-riches story—these are elements that many consumers will find relatable.

Consumers are emotional beings. Having a solid product will always be the foundation of brand loyalty, but nothing will do more to build loyalty than tapping into customers’ emotions. Build a narrative that will resonate with people and gain their empathy, but also think about how you can use that narrative to inspire and motivate potential clients. That is how you turn a one-time purchase into a lifelong loyal customer!!

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