The e-commerce industry has already experienced a variety of notable trends this year. Companies around the world are adjusting their procedures to meet the growing demand of online shopping. From integrating animation and virtual reality to offering more delivery options and easier checkout procedures, you can boost sales and stay in front of your competition by simply keeping up on these latest trends.


Visual effects can make a shopping experience come to life. Therefore, a growing number of online merchants have started to infuse different appealing elements of animation on their websites in an effort to promote delight, personality and urgency, improve the online experience and drive sales. Etsy is just one of the major websites currently using imagery with motion to enhance the shopping experience along with animated iconography to express urgency to their customers when items are nearly sold out.

High-Quality Photos & Videos

Another effective way to increase e-commerce sales is to publish higher quality photos and videos of products on your website. For instance, if you specialize in selling apparel, then you can provide customers with 360-degree images of models wearing different outfits. Or, provide animated GIFs that show the features of your products. Industry experts advise against the use of stock photos to avoid cheapening your brand. Instead, opt for enhanced videos that will showcase your products in a real context using popular channels like YouTube.

Social Shopping

Thanks to the rise of social media it’s now possible for potential customers to view your products even when they aren’t shopping for them. Instagram and Pinterest are enabling retailers to showcase their products on apps frequently used by prospective customers. Industry experts are predicting that this could soon become the preferred method for shoppers because it’s so convenient. Shoppers can complete their purchases without leaving their social media accounts.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Marketing options are expanding rapidly with the use of augmented and virtual reality strategies. Companies are encouraging customers to ‘try before they buy,’ enabling them to view specific products, like furniture, in their homes via AR/VR marketing strategies. This could also lead to increased brand loyalty according to many reports. Magnolia Market is an app that lets customers visualize home and lifestyle products in their homes through augmented reality before purchasing them.

Easier Checkout

E-commerce retailers are capitalizing on increased impulse purchasing rates by becoming optimized for mobile and providing customers with one-click purchasing options. Statistics indicate that customers tend to gravitate to those websites where they can shop faster and more conveniently.


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