Candidates have high expectations. And that’s natural and to be expected, right? So what’s the issue? The important thing here is to be aware of what their expectations are. For the hiring manager knowledge is power. Here are three candidate expectations every hiring manager should be aware of.

Candidates expect an easy application process.

Well that seems simple enough. So just make sure that your process is straightforward and can be completed with little time and very little fuss. Having an online application that is user friendly is a great start. Having an automated system to track and communicate with your applicants is great too.

Candidates expect your website to communicate the truth about your organization.

Candidates are shopping around online for a company that’s a good fit. It’s easy to present an attractive picture of your company on the web with glossy photos and snappy text. But, does your website accurately represent your brand? Does your web presence reflect your corporate culture? A well crafted website should communicate your organization’s vision, values, and goals. It should also express your uniqueness. Candidates want to get to know you and they’re using your website to do just that. Most of all they don’t want an unpleasant surprise when they start in their new position.

Lastly, candidates expect to be treated like human beings.

They want to be treated like a person, not a conglomeration of trackable data or statistics. Use your time with the candidate to get to know them. Evaluate their emotional intelligence and you’ll be more likely to find a long-term fit. When you view the big picture from a holistic perspective, you will be more likely to make the right choice even under complex circumstances. Look for empathy in your candidates – it transcends all fields and professions.

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