Finding a good C-level recruiting firm can be tricky. Just like hiring itself, it can be tough to know which candidates are going to deliver what they promise. It’s an important consideration as the talent, quality, commitment, reliability, and trustworthiness of employees, particularly those in management and at the C-level, are the future of your business, for good or ill.

So how can you determine whether an executive recruiting firm is effective at not only finding the best talent but finding the talent that’s best for your business? Thankfully, there are a number of attributes that the best recruiting firms share that separate those truly committed to filling a C-level position and ensuring it works for you and filling a C-level position for the commission with little regard for how it works out once the ink has dried on the contract.

Works Well with the Hiring Manager

Good executive recruiting is more complex than even those who have some appreciation of the process might think. For instance, the desired candidate attributes being sought by CPG recruiters are going to vary, often significantly, from those being sought by tech recruiters. That the attributes a recruiter is looking for in a candidate vary significantly from industry to industry is likely not exactly a shock. But those attributes also vary from business to business within an industry, department to department within a business, team to team within that business, etc.

That’s what makes an executive recruiter who works well with and listens to the hiring manager in charge of a managerial position so important. The hiring managers will often have insights about the culture, style, needs, strengths, weaknesses, etc. of a team, department, and business that are hugely influential in the candidate selection process. Being aware that a candidate who’s stellar in a deadline-driven, metrics-heavy environment isn’t the best choice for a position emphasizing nurturing the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of a team is going to be crucial.

Will Liaise with the Client During Every Step of the Hiring Process

The rise of computerization allowing for the aggregation, synthesis, and analysis of huge data sets has changed virtually every business environment on the planet. While the data-driven marketplace has revolutionized how business is done, it can result in numbers being prioritized over human interaction, particularly in tech or ecommerce recruitment. Though numbers can be helpful, to rely on them alone isn’t. Because as numbers-heavy as an executive or C-level position is, like the huge majority of other jobs on the planet, human interaction is still the crux of most, if not all, executive and managerial positions.

Which is why staying in touch throughout every step of the process separates the decent executive recruiting firms from the excellent ones. Just as is the case with businesses, the hiring process for an otherwise stellar candidate can be derailed by misunderstandings, transient personality clashes, negotiation misconceptions, and a thousand other little products of the human condition.

A great C-level recruiter isn’t just an experienced negotiator with a wealth of knowledge on the candidate and company looking to hire, in addition to being an all-around consultant and confidant—they also serve as the all-important objective third party. And when that third party can be involved in everything from the initial interactions, to the interviews, to the negotiation, and after that ink has dried, those fruitful partnerships borne of mutually-beneficial business relationships are made and sustained.

About BrainWorks

For over 25 years, BrainWorks has built a reputation as a leader in the C-level recruiting industry. They have done so by leveraging several approaches to executive recruitment. They have developed and take advantage of their suite of proprietary talent-acquisition solutions, including the Talent Acquisition Profile (TAP), the Talent Evaluation Process (TEP), and the Seven Traits to Assess Results (STAR) system. They combine their successful, cutting-edge approach with their invaluable networks and relationships with business leaders and the future business leaders they’re looking to hire. This has resulted in BrainWorks being an industry leader in the finding and placing of C-level talent with CPG recruiting, customer insights, big data, ecommerce, data science, and analytic recruiting.

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