When it comes to hiring for top positions, a recruiting firm can be the best tool at a company’s disposal. C-level, executive, and product manager recruiters can help identify STAR talent quickly, bringing experience and expertise to the recruitment process. All of that, however, is incumbent on working with the right firm. The right partner in any recruiting process will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of your industry, will have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the position, and will be experienced in sourcing and vetting STAR candidates. Here are a few more ways to identify the best recruiting firm for your needs.

Proprietary Recruiting Processes

Any successful recruiting firm will have developed and implemented a series of proprietary recruiting processes. In addition to a process for sourcing, they should have specific strategies for vetting candidates and preparing both the client and candidate for interviews. Ask for specifics about a recruiting firm’s plan of action. Ask about how a firm responds to your specific needs and priorities, how they search, how they vet candidates, and how they integrate their work into your internal interview process.

Focus on Fine-Tuned Recruiting

When an organization is hiring for ecommerce executives, they should be contracting with experienced ecommerce recruiters. The right recruiting partner for your business will have a team that’s knowledgeable about your industry and will have experience filling the positions you need. An experienced recruiter will help you hire top-level talent, a necessity in the fast-growing ecommerce marketplace. The difference between a good or great hire will show up in the bottom line—do you want average results or exceptional?

Commitment to True Partnerships

There’s only one way for a recruiting firm to come to understand the specific needs and priorities of the position in question—to establish a true partnership with you and your company. Communication between the hiring manager(s) and recruitment firm is the key to a successful hiring process. The hiring manager needs to be able to define clearly and openly the responsibilities of the position, and what strengths and attributes are essential for the incumbent to possess. The recruiting firm needs to outline the expected timeline for the hiring process, their strategy for sourcing, interviewing, negotiating the offer and assisting with onboarding. When you partner with a recruiting firm that values an open line of communication, the end results will be more successful, less stressful and without roadblocks for securing top talent for your organization.

About BrainWorks

Over the past 27 years, BrainWorks has earned a reputation as a leader in the executive recruiting industry. Their recruitment team pairs a wealth of experience with their suite of proprietary recruitment solutions. The BrainWorks process combines tools such as the Talent Evaluation Process (TEP), the Talent Acquisition Profile (TAP), and the Seven Traits to Assess Results (STAR) system with their skill, commitment, and personal expertise. This combination allows BrainWorks to stay a cut above the rest as CPG recruiters and C-level executive recruiters across a range of industries. BrainWorks’ Practice Areas include Consumer Products, CRM, Data Science, Analytics, Finance, IT, Private Equity, Digital Marketing and ecommerce.

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