Recruiting is an incredibly important factor in any business’s success or failure. Companies that focus on a recruiting strategy as earnestly and consistently as they focus on advertising and sales, do better than those that don’t. That seems to be the case whether the focus is the CPG industry or data science and analytic recruiting. And the executive recruiting strategy should be a pretty simple one: Hire an executive recruiting firm to do it. Here’s why.

They Know People

The connections and experience that executive recruiters have are precisely what makes them so effective. For instance, a C-level recruitment firm is contracted for an upper-level ecommerce recruitment request from an executive looking to expand its online presence. The recruiter or team assigned to fill the position can source the right talent with experience in ecommerce. They know who’s terrific at reforming and organizing a struggling department and who’s a creative savant with exactly the out-of-the-box chops the role calls for. And they know who would be a good culture fit and who wouldn’t.An executive recruiting firm that specializes in your industry has the lay of the land and the sourcing skills needed to cull top C-level talent.

They Know Your Business (Better Than You Think)

To recognize whether or not an employee would be a successful culture fit, the recruiting firm will spend time asking the right questions. The recruiter will strategically assess hiring needs based on your business plans and likely attrition. They will help you clearly define the positions to be filled and the timing of your hiring needs.The recruiter will proactively source candidates that fit your profile. A good recruiter will arrange periodic times to review the candidates presented and refine the search if they are off the mark. Communication with the recruiter is key to making a successful hire.

Their Experience Is Priceless

AC-level recruitment firm brings their years of experience to the table. Collectively, a recruiting firm will have dozens of years of experience recruiting, evaluating, matching, interviewing, placing, making offers, negotiating, on boarding, and doing everything else peripheral to placing executive talent.They are the experts in executive recruitment.

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