Not long ago, data science and analytics was an anomaly in the business world. It was a luxury that only the largest businesses could afford. Now, particularly in this age of ecommerce dominance the right data science executives can make or break a business’s digital strategy. Successful data science infrastructure requires STAR talent in data science leadership roles. That requires excellent data science recruiters. As crucial as wrangling Big Data is for a business, can you afford not to partner with a recruiting firm with a data science and analytics team?

Big Data in Consumer Product Goods

The right data and analytics team can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line. From increasing the ROI of digital marketing efforts, to optimizing inventory strategy, big data is a necessary beast that every CPG business needs to tackle. The right executive can breathe new life into a marketing strategy or cut the bloat out of a supply chain, but a subpar executive could leave you struggling to catch up to competitors. Recruiting the right big data executive for CPG businesses requires finding a candidate not only with the technical skills to analyze data, but also the marketing and industry-relevant expertise to properly apply those insights. Find a firm well-known as both executive data science and analytic recruiting and take full advantage of the benefits of STAR talent.

Why You Need Professional Recruiting for Data Science and Analytics Leaders

The best analytic and data science recruiters are industry experts. They are intuitive—have years of experience, vast professional connections, and intent on forming true partnerships with their clients. The right executive recruiting firm will be successful for your business. They are familiar with and experts within the field of data science and analytics themselves. They’ve established proprietary sourcing, vetting, and hiring processes relying on both industry insights and experience. It’s a process that provides practical data to facilitate the most successful and productive hires. Look for a recruiting firm that combines those attributes, and you’ll have found a winner.

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