What do you do for a living? Think about all the years of study and hard work it took to get you there. Now, think about the time you have put into searching for jobs; the hours you spent refining your resume, honing your interview skills and identifying the right opportunities. As a professional, there is no doubt that you took your search seriously, but it’s unlikely that the time you spent looking for work rivals the time you devoted to developing your career.

This is not the case with executive recruiters.

Identifying opportunities, networking with decision makers, carefully analyzing the compatibility of professionals and organizations – that’s what recruiters do. Even when they are away from the office, they are likely to be thinking about recruiting. They may be assessing a gentleman they meet a cocktail party, wondering if he would be suitable for a client. They are reading through trade publications, learning to make their interviews more insightful or selection process more efficient. Like you, they are steeped in their careers; constantly considering how they can do things better.

That’s why you must put them to work for you.

When you partner with an executive recruiter, you can be confident that you are making the best use of your time. While you continue your daily routines that have brought you career success so far, your recruiter works behind the scenes tirelessly laying the groundwork for you.

An executive recruiter can:

  • Leverage their professional relationships to ensure that your resume lands on the right desk, shortening your search and bypassing corporate red tape.
  • Shortcut the interview process by using their deep knowledge of the market and your goals to eliminate employers or positions that are unlikely to be a good fit.
  • Strategize with you to determine which career moves are likely to keep you moving in the right direction and uncover those opportunities for you.
  • Conduct a confidential search that will not jeopardize your current position and work within your schedule when setting up interviews or meetings.
  • Help you to choose the right opportunity if you receive more than one offer and negotiate the best possible compensation package.
  • Stay in touch even after you begin your new role, to ensure that you are satisfied with your decision and keep an eye out for the next rung on your career ladder.

An executive recruiter can be a true partner that you can rely on and who has your best interests at heart. The best executive recruiters are interested in more than filling open positions; they want to become a trusted advisor who will walk with you throughout your career.

To learn more about what an executive recruiter can do for your career or to set up a consultation at your convenience, contact the executive search experts at BrainWorks.

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