At some point in your career, you may be called upon to consider relocating for your profession. In many fields, it’s a given that you must move to advance within your company or industry. How can you determine if relocation is the right choice for you? Do the benefits of relocating for this job outweigh the obstacles?

Consider these professional and personal factors before making a decision.

Advancing Your Career

Consider if the position will truly help you reach your career goals. Is the position at the corporate headquarters, giving you better visibility, or in a branch office where you can make an impact as a leader? Assess the health of the company, the opportunities the position presents and your career ambitions before making a decision.

  • Will you be working under a great manager who can help to mentor you?
  • Is this likely to be one of many relocations?
  • Can you see yourself in the job and location?
  • Do you have a backup plan if the job or the move doesn’t work out?
  • What is included in your relocation package? Would you be required to pay back moving expenses if the job doesn’t work out?

Quality Of Life

Relocating adds an entirely new dimension to the desirability of a new position, especially if you have a family to consider. It may be your dream job, but how are the schools, the housing prices? Is the climate agreeable?

  • Is my significant other on board and where will he or she work?
  • Will the increase in pay offset any increase in the cost of living? Or is the cost of living lower, allowing you to live a better lifestyle?
  • Can you continue your current hobbies or interests there or will you need to develop new ones? An avid surfer, for instance, may not be happy in the Midwest.
  • Will you need to sell your home? Would you need to sell at a loss, or are there any tax consequences to consider?

A trusted recruiter will be invaluable at times like these. Recruiters do more than simply headhunt for top companies. They also understand all the intangibles that go along with building a rewarding career. They can assist you by negotiating a salary commensurate with the cost of living in your new city, offering your spouse job leads or providing the information you need to choose the best neighborhood to live in.

A recruiter can be your main ally. Partner with an executive recruiting firm with inside connections to the top organizations in your industry. With BrainWorks by your side, there is no limit to where you can take your career. Contact the recruiters at BrainWorks today to take the next step.

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