The global recession is over and the war for top talent has again taken center stage. Today’s most sought-after candidates have their choice of employers. Unless you plan and execute your strategy with near-perfect precision, you will lose top talent to the competition.

Working with an executive recruiter is a smart business decision. It’s not a question of what your current HR staff can and cannot do. It’s a matter of making the right investment in the future of your business.

A Recruitment Partner

Your executive recruiter will work side by side with you throughout the sourcing and hiring process, contributing invaluable knowledge and resources. This encompasses:

  • Enticing job descriptions: Crafting new job descriptions and/or reevaluating existing ones to make them compelling to leading prospects. Your job descriptions need to not only sell a position, but also make it perfectly clear what the job entails.
  • Sourcing based on market intelligence: The best recruiters have extensive, up-to-date networks as well as robust candidate databases. They know who’s currently doing business and what it would take to recruit a key player away from a competitor.
  • Efficient screening: Your executive recruiter will handle all the preliminary steps in a successful hire. You’ll be presented with a short list of the most qualified candidates for personal interviews. Your recruiter will sit with you and discuss their qualifications and motivators. Afterwards, you’ll debrief and they’ll counsel you toward your final selection.
  • Successful offers and negotiations: You can rely on your recruiter for the strategy needed to address financial matters and expectations during the crucial offer and negotiation processes. You’ll cultivate a relationship based on trust, open communication and commitment that enables you to seal the deal and land the best talent.

Unparalleled Expertise

The best executive search consultants have proven track records in helping their clients reduce time to hire and boost quality of hire metrics. They present only candidates who meet a carefully predetermined set of requirements and cultural traits, saving you significant time, money and the angst of a costly poor hire.

  • The majority of top-performing candidates are happy with their current positions. Your recruiter has the inside track on this passive talent and will source the right candidate for you – not necessarily the most available one. They connect deeply with candidates within a network that has been painstakingly built and is specific to your industry and business needs.
  • A recruiter is a neutral third party who brings both sides to a mutually beneficial relationship. Their reputation relies on their ability to ask the tough questions, find and raise any red flags and mitigate risk so everyone arrives at the right decision.
  • They can address your staffing needs even before they arise. Their finger is on the pulse of your business and they care about the full employment life cycle. Top recruiters look beyond simply filling current vacancies and develop partnerships that start with sourcing and carry through to long-term retention and anticipation of future skills gaps. They build robust pipelines as they pre-sell top-performing candidates on your organization.

Working with an executive recruiter is not about replacing your own qualified HR talent. It’s about helping you – and them – to do your jobs better. Contact the team at BrainWorks to learn more about our customized solutions to fulfill your recruitment needs.

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