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Creative Ways to Win the War for Talent

The job market is the hottest that it’s been in decades, especially in the fields of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, leaving companies searching for the most creative and innovative ways to land the best candidates. Unemployment is the lowest that it’s been in many years causing a growing demand for some of the most talented big data workers. Those organizations that are winning the war for talent have already developed creative strategies that not only attract skilled candidates, but also retain them long-term.

1. Tell A Captivating Story & Offer Compelling Opportunities

Winners like to hear and become a part of triumphant stories. Intertwine what you do and why it matters. Ask current employees to share their input with any prospective talent regarding the most compelling features of the organization.

2. Craft a Team That’s Excited by New Candidate Prospects

Conduct formal introductions between current employees and new hires.

3. How Does This Job Benefit the Candidate?

Show your commitment to helping them grow professionally through career development and training. Future opportunities within the organization should always be transparent too.

4. Promote a Fun Work Environment

Remember that it’s still possible to meet production quotas and still have fun. Some of the most successful CEOs avoid intimidating their employees, embrace new perspectives and enable individuals to define their businesses.

5. Attend to the Hiring Process

How are candidates treated at first contact and all along the way? If two rival organizations are attempting to recruit the same candidates, then they will definitely consider first impressions, how soon they were able to meet with leaders, and how quickly they received follow-ups. Attending the interview, conducting tours, and making introductions will show that you care about your employees and pay attention to their needs.

The best candidates consider themselves free-agents, therefore they are more difficult to land because they remain very selective regarding most of the opportunities that they are presented with. Once you’ve built your recruitment brand, then more focus should be turned toward improving your retention strategies.

  • Stay Interviews

    A growing number of organizations are trying to replace traditional exit interviews with “stay” interviews that allow current staff members to discuss their concerns on an annual basis before they decide to resign.

  • Anonymous Communication

    It’s one of the most effective techniques for soliciting feedback from team members.

  • Avoid Micromanagement

    Leadership should always facilitate and encourage employees to take risks and grow their skill sets.

  • Transparency

    It’s important for organizations to be clear about standard operating procedures, future opportunities, employee recognition, etc.

Competition for top talent is high especially in Data Analytics, CRM and Consumer Products Sales & Marketing. The market is at full employment so there is an increasing demand for some of the most talented professionals. To win the war for talent, companies have to develop creative strategies to improve their work culture, tell their unique stories, and attend closely to the hiring process.

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