Keep your organization relevant and forward-thinking with innovative talent who can bring fresh perspectives to your organization. How can you attract people to your company who have new ideas and the skill to execute on them? Is your culture constructed to encourage and retain creative thinkers or does your company resist change.

This Is Where It Shows:

Company Website

Is your website up to date? Is it easy to navigate and filled with relevant content? Does it work well on mobile? You won’t attract the right people with a dated, clunky website. Use your site to share successes and initiatives that indicate your organization is innovative and rewards creative thinking.

Public Spaces

Are your building, lobby and other spaces modern and comfortable? If you last updated your reception area in the eighties, you will not attract cutting-edge talent. Replace worn furniture, and faded artwork. Update displayed samples or company literature.

Hiring Managers & HR

A candidate’s first impression of your company comes from the interviewer. Take steps to ensure that HR understands what you are trying to accomplish with the hire. Work with them to rewrite job descriptions and structure interviews in a way that will identify forward-thinking candidates and make them feel welcome.

What Do You Reward

If you truly want to develop an innovative workplace, you must reward creativity. Hold brainstorming sessions and implement useful ideas that come from any place within the company. Build a reputation as an organization that actively encourages and rewards innovation if you want to attract more of the same.

Leadership Development

Are supervisors, directors and executives within the organization committed to an innovative workplace or are they trapped in status quo? Managers who are of the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset can hold your organization back. If they cannot be brought around to your way of thinking through training and development, they may need to be replaced with more visionary leaders.


Deliver a consistent message through marketing, outreach and internal policies that your organization is one that thinks outside the box. Demonstrate that you welcome innovative candidates by your actions. Reach people who look at things differently and look for new ways to analyze and solve problems. They want to work for companies where they will be encouraged and respected, not where ideas are considered interruptions to daily business tasks.

The executive search consultants at BrainWorks can help you to identify and attract innovative candidates who will work well with your culture and prepare your organization for the future. To learn more, read our related posts or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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