Good candidates are attracted to a company with a competitive compensation and benefits package. They are also likely to be interested in the location of the company and it’s proximity to their home. It’s common to be interested in a company with good hours and a predictable schedule. These are all very reasonable selling points for a candidate. Yet candidates who are highly qualified and sought after are looking for so much more. What exactly are they looking for then? And how can a company compete to win them over?

Star candidates are looking a layer or two deeper into their potential employer. They are making a career move that has subtler implications. Here are three things that those candidates are looking for:

Cultural Alignment

Quality candidates who are serious about making a move are thinking deeply about the culture of the company they are considering. They want the company to be in alignment with their personal values. They want to make a difference in their work, in their community and in the world. If they’re going to make a leap, it’s not just for the benefits or the short commute. They want longevity, and to achieve that they are looking for opportunities to do what they do best for a company that represents their values, and one that is having a positive impact in the world.

A Challenge

Not only do great candidates want to apply their skills, they also want to be challenged. They want intellectual and creative engagement. They’re not content to simply show up and do the work. They want to learn and grow in their field. This may translate into opportunities for skills training, higher degrees or professional development. It may mean being in a company that values certification, travel or collaboration. Or it could be a company that makes a high priority out of pushing their team members out of their comfort zones.

A Great Company

This is where you come in! What do you have to offer that’s appealing to those highly sought-after candidates? The best candidates are looking at companies at the top of those lists like “Best Companies to Work For!” Or they are looking at companies that have a well know reputation for their work and how they treat their team. Maybe this includes having a gym, an on-site pool, or a childcare facility. Or maybe it’s some other perk. Whatever it is – the truth about how a company treats its team makes it out into the world. Word travels fast. And candidates are listening.

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