The higher you rise in the corporate ranks, the more complex it becomes to identify suitable positions. Taking a strategic approach is essential to identify the best opportunities while conducting a confidential search. Consider these strategies to pinpoint and secure executive leadership positions.

Broaden your network.

Reach beyond your core group of colleagues to increase the number and quality of opportunities available to you. Ask your professional connections to introduce you to decision makers or influencers who may be looking for professionals with your experience. Network “up” as well. Go to conferences or training sessions where you are likely to meet people a step or two ahead of you on the corporate ladder to gain valuable connections.

Narrow your focus.

Identify specific target companies that you feel with be the best fit. Develop strategies to make direct contact with decision makers. Search social media and local or industry networks to identify contacts who can introduce you to the right people. Don’t aim for just open positions; build a case to create a position that makes the most of your talent and experience and provides value for the employer.

Share your thoughts.

It is easier than ever to showcase your expertise to a wide range of people and establish yourself as a thought leader. Volunteer or sell your services as a speaker in your area of expertise. Write blogs or articles. Publish what you write on LinkedIn where other professionals are more likely to take the time to read it than on other social media sites.

Work the net – strategically.

Responding to open job listings simply doesn’t work at the executive level. The value however is the wealth of information they supply by “reading between the lines”. Analyze job postings to assess the company’s priorities and needs. Identifying what functions they are hiring for is a valid method of determining where they are expanding and may need leadership. Examine and review their website. Look at their annual and quarterly reports, keep up with their press releases, and gain a strong understanding of the company and their patterns.

Partner with a recruiter.

Most executive-level jobs are never posted. First, companies don’t want to be inundated with unsuitable resumes. They would rather have recruiters proactively source candidates with the specific qualifications and have them perform initial screenings. At the executive level, many companies prefer to conduct searches confidentially, both to protect the candidates and to avoid raising red flags among investors.

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