The hiring and retention of good talent can be time-consuming and expensive. The investment pays off, however, as you continue to build your high-performing organization.

There are certain qualities you can look for when hiring for growth potential. You often discover them during the first interview. These include:


Prompt candidates to speak in detail about their experience. Growth within your organization is much more probable when new hires come on board with proven track records. Look for enthusiastic candidates who show drive toward future achievements.


You want employees who are excited to be part of your company’s success and are willing to put in the extra effort to achieve it. Seek out individuals who keep their composure while showcasing their problem-solving skills and creativity.


A candidate’s enthusiasm and passion should be evident during their interview. People who love their work stay at companies longer than those who are there solely for a paycheck. Passionate employees are more valuable because they are proficient when it comes to such key abilities as strong operations management and enterprise resource planning.

Cultural Fit

Specific skills can be mastered on the job, but cultural fit can neither be taught nor bought. Measure cultural fit in two ways. The first is fit for the position. This is based on a person’s knowledge, skill capacity and overall ability to perform the required function. The second is fit for your company as a whole. Envision how a candidate would personally mesh with your company culture. Employees who have a sense of belonging will typically perform better and stay longer.


Even if a job requires that most tasks are completed independently, there will always be times when employees have to work in collaboration. Ask potential hires how well they work as part of a team and what type of work environment best suits them. Consider a group interview as a test of how well they interact with a group of your current employees.


Ambitious professionals strive to do the best they can at all times, constantly thinking of ways to improve their performance. A candidate who is ambitious has a greater chance of success simply because they will do whatever they can to surpass their own limits. They never quit – they are always thinking of innovative ways to win.


Integrity breeds principles. Being principled means being willing to speak up when something wrong is about to happen. Every manager can rest assured knowing that they can trust their team members – even with sensitive information, delicate situations and brand equity. Integrity also involves recognizing the efforts of your entire team while taking credit for your achievements.

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