The key to a great workforce is aligning your talent management strategy with your overall business plan. This is true whether you need to address short-term needs or long-term expectations. It’s your job to recruit and retain the best performers for leadership roles. True HR visionaries don’t wait for openings before launching a candidate search. Their networking and relationship-building radar is always “on” as they naturally seek talent everywhere they go.

Always Be Recruiting

As the global economy rebounds, it’s become a candidate’s market in high-demand areas such as marketing, analytics, engineering and IT. The benefits of an “always-be-recruiting” strategy include:

  • Building a robust talent pipeline. When you spot a superstar, woo them before the competition beats you to it. Slot them into a management development or “future leaders” program, or create a niche for them to fill until the right opening comes along. If you’ve been proactive about your long-term hiring forecasts, you should have some idea when and where this will occur.
  • Identifying and developing the skills essential to the future of your C-level workforce. Strategically minded organizations are ahead of the change management curve. Think 26, 48 and 72 months down the line as well as the possibility that unexpected resignations may happen. Don’t risk a business-critical leadership void.

Generate a robust, reliable talent pool populated by both internal and external candidates. The alternative his having underqualified people move into leadership roles because you have no other option.

Know Your Needs

Develop a model for every job at your company which encompasses the behavior, skills, knowledge and experience necessary for success in the role. For instance, will you be expanding globally during the next decade? If so, you need to recruit with an eye toward language competencies and a desire to live abroad. Are you anticipating a corporate acquisition? You’ll want to be attuned toward finance and change management skills.

Perhaps your current employees can meet these needs. Perhaps not. The right mosaic of new blood and promotions from within will define your ideal workforce of the future. Be prepared to make it happen, including the creation of a spot for that game-changing leader you want to have ready to hit the ground running.

To achieve optimal results with your talent acquisition and management plans, consider working with an executive recruiting firm that specializes in your niche industry. To learn more, contact BrainWorks today.

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