What can you do to keep your leaders right where they are: at the helm of your company? You know their value, so others will likely catch on pretty quickly as well. And as an organizational leader yourself, it’s your job to keep them satisfied, fulfilled and challenged. Or…somebody else will.

The most effective way to retain your top leaders is to look at what motivates you to come to work every day. Sure, salary is important, but what other factors play a part in your job-related passion?

A few hints: What about autonomy? A chance to grow? A sense of empowerment and ownership? And last but not least, trust in your organization and the people you work for?

When it comes to retaining your leadership team, keep these guidelines in mind:

Get to Know Your Leaders

Building a lasting relationship that will benefit both your senior leaders and your organization is based on good communication – and knowing what both parties want and need. While it’s not realistic to think these qualities will always be in sync, you can find common ground and in doing so, will be more likely to keep your leadership superstars on board.

  • Ask them what they like and dislike. You may be surprised at what you learn about their work environment, growth potential, or other factors that may one day determine their level of flight risk.
  • Treat each one as an individual. While you have to stay within company parameters, there is no cookie-cutter process for what makes a leader effective. For example, some need regular input and encouragement, and others just want to be left alone. In any case, each one deserves and appreciates being treated like the individual that they are. Collaborate with them on a personal career development plan that works for their goals and lifestyle.

Ensure Ongoing Development

The best leaders want to grow and learn every day and with every experience. Ensure that this growth happens in the context of your organization by constantly embedding stretch opportunities into their career development plans.

  • Collaborate with them. The most effective development plans for your leaders are those you devise together. Talk to them, listen, and get their input relative to their department’s or the company’s goals, objectives and business plans. This breeds creativity, innovation, progress and corporate energy.

Be Accessible

Top performers want to move forward – fast. To cement their connection with your company, ensure that their immediate supervisors are accessible to them. This demonstrates to them that their contribution is valued and that they are a valuable piece of the organization’s future growth and success.

More Powerful than Money

Consider this comment from Anup M. Manchada, co-founder of the executive leadership school THNK:

“Empower your top people, allowing them to enrich their spirit and give them more control and direction of the lives they want to lead. Step back and watch them deliver. That is more powerful than money.”

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