Digital marketing is evolving so quickly it can be difficult to determine who the true experts are. No digital marketer has 20 years of experience, and courses of study from just a year or two ago could already be outdated. Other fields do not typically face this level of volatility. Since digital marketing is constantly evolving, the question remains: is it more important to find candidates well versed in today’s technology, or select those who can easily adapt to tomorrow’s?

Consider These Factors

Are you seeking the impossible? The combination of experience and potential you hope to find in your next hire may simply not exist. Establish a baseline of required skills and background. Don’t confuse critical competencies with wish-list items.

Roles change frequently. Digital marketers must learn and evolve. It is likely that technologies that don’t exist today will be commonplace a few years from now. Choose candidates who can grow with the job for best results.

Savvy professionals embrace change. Intelligent and motivated digital marketing executives constantly think ahead. They stay up-to-date on technology advances and look for ways to bring the best marketing practices into their own organization. Choose a forward-thinking candidate who can ensure your business will adapt and grow.

Evaluate past performance. What recent successes has the candidate had? Ask him to discuss them at length. The most recent campaigns will be the most relevant. Probe for details of the goals and measurable achievements on the project.

Do you have time to train? Must the new hire hit the ground running or can you take the time to train a candidate with limited experience and outstanding potential? If you just need to fill the role quickly and retention is not a priority, hiring for experience may be your best decision. If you need to hire someone who can grow with the company, choose potential.

Use resources available to you. Hiring for potential has advantages, but recruiting and hiring the right people is imperative. Keep in mind that the best digital marketing candidates are not always the ones who look best on paper. When trying to find the right person, it may be beneficial to find a seasoned recruiter who can decipher which candidates will work best with your team.

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