Online recruiting is an essential tool in your hiring process. To attract top talent, your company must develop an online presence across the social communities that your target audience prefers. It’s no longer a question of whether or not you should have that presence, but of how to keep it current and attractive to job seekers.

Your online presence is literally the face of your brand and your company. How you portray your company determines whether or not you can attract and hire the best talent in the industry. It is important to monitor not only your online presence and reputation, but also put great thought into the messages that you distribute online.

Just as you use social media, blogs, job boards, mobile apps and your website to find talent, talent likewise searches for you. For instance, 70 percent of job hunters begin their searches on Google. Staying relevant online means staying relevant in the eyes of candidates. Regardless of what recruiting methods you are using, it is essential that you have a strong online presence that gives the candidate a realistic glimpse into your company and its culture.

Social Media

Incorporate a variety of social media into your marketing, branding, and recruiting strategies. When people can readily interact with your business, they’re more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Here are several things to consider as you dive into the realm of social media:

  • Facebook followers and your company’s presence. You want people to know about your company, so maintain a professional presence on Facebook. Interact with your audience and post frequent updates that span the topics of highlighting company culture and events, and relevant company and industry news.
  • Tweet. Twitter has 500 million users and 45 percent of companies use it to find talent. Use hashtags (#) in your tweets so people who may not be savvy enough to know your handle can still find them.
  • Be an active LinkedIn participant. This platform is the leading professional online site. Beyond posting relevant company or industry news on your company page, participate as an individual regularly in groups and question/answer sections. You’ll build awareness of both your business and yourself and forge relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.
  • Share photos on Instagram. Use this media to further showcase your organization. Upload photos to your company account that highlight your culture and mission.

Mobile Recruiting

Job seekers actively use mobile devices to conduct searches and apply for positions. If you are handling your recruiting internally, make sure that your company can have a mobile job app or simply maintain a mobile-optimized site. Either way, it’s important to ensure that candidates don’t abandon applying for a position at your company due to a website that doesn’t function well on a mobile device. About half the web’s daily traffic comes from mobile or tablet devices so you want to ensure that your website is able to capture – not lose – these visitors.

Online Job Boards

Job boards are an invaluable search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity. Posting positions online allow search engine to find your jobs and potentially deliver them in search results, allowing you to be in front of potential candidates while making your company’s presence and open positions even more visible. If at first you’re not getting results, be patient. Go back to your listings and see where there may be room for improvement. If you are partnering with a recruiting firm, their expertise will be invaluable when crafting an effective job description that catches the eyes of candidates.

Create a Recruiting Video

A recruiting video gives candidates access to compelling testimonials and other persuasive content and provides valuable insight into how your current workforce views their jobs and company. Your video will have multiple uses and be another key tool as you take an active stance in marketing your employee value proposition and brand.

Maintain a Blog

Blogs share information and generate community. They demonstrate that your organization seeks to engage others and is passionate about collecting and sharing information. Blogs help position you in the minds of potential candidates as a company they would like to work for, so that when they are looking for a new career opportunity, your company comes to mind.

Just as you strive to optimize your online presence and social recruiting, BrainWorks strives to match qualified talent to top career opportunities. Put our experience to work for your organization by contacting us today!

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