Are you an employer seeking marketers who stand a cut above the rest in terms of current trends, skills and technology?

Are you a job seeker ready to take your specialty in marketing or analytics to a higher level?

You have options when it comes to recruitment firms. You can work with a generalist firm that spreads its resources over a broad range of businesses and industries. Or you can partner with a specialized firm that shares your depth of knowledge in the marketing arena – and has the professional contact network and proven track record to help you achieve your goals quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Here are five features of marketing niche firms that will work to your competitive advantage:

They Match Top Talent with Top Jobs

Specialized recruitment firms have better marketing contacts and stronger industry relationships than generalist firms.

  • Employers: They can tap into their extensive professional networks to find candidates who know your business and understand its nuances, terminology and current challenges. These are the superstars with the right mix of skills and experience to slot into your company as the perfect organizational fit. This has never been more critical than right now, as candidates emerge in targeted fields like web analytics and data science.
  • Job Seekers: They can quickly connect you to the hiring managers and industry professionals you need to know as you draw your career path roadmap.

Their Track Record is Unparalleled

With the right marketing background, your search consultant can make intuitive connections between employers and candidates based on their broad industry knowledge.

  • Employers: They can read between resume lines to provide a more comprehensive summarization of skills, experience and cultural fit.
  • Job Seekers: They stay a step ahead of the curve in terms of who’s hiring – and who’s not. It all adds up to successful matches that benefit everyone involved.

Their Marketing Expertise is Unbeatable

It’s imperative that your recruitment firm stays on top of relevant market drivers and personnel movement in today’s competitive environment.

  • This is not your father’s marketing department. Things are changing in real time, often faster than companies or veteran HR pros can keep pace. You need a professional partner who tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to filling today’s positions and building tomorrow’s careers.

They Save You Time

Time is money, whether you’re hiring or job searching.

  • Time-constrained HR managers can’t risk working with recruitment firms that lack the depth and experience to fill highly specific openings. By leveraging the resources of a specialized firm, you’ll realize time and budget efficiencies throughout the search and hiring process.
  • Candidate search time is significantly reduced as a result of working with a niche firm.
  • Look for a firm with a high candidate acceptance rate and a short time-to-hire record. Success in these two metrics is a solid indicator of the effort that goes into meeting the needs of both clients and candidates.

It’s the Start of Something Big

Specialized recruitment firms are more likely to build long-term relationships with their customers. They cherish the clients they work withand they nurture the candidates whose careers they help mold.

  • They’re in it for the long term. They have tenure within the marketing industry and they remain loyal to all their professional contacts.
  • Their success speaks for itself. Look for references and testimonials that support a firm’s track record. Use their website and other resources for further proof.

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