As a Chief Marketing Officer, you are accustomed to adapting to changes in the marketplace. Like the market itself, your career must evolve for you to remain relevant and in-demand as a marketing professional. Make the most of your knowledge and experience by considering these methods to optimize your CMO career.

Specialize In A Single Domain.

While it’s tempting to be a jack of all trades, thinking that your experience will transfer across industries, trends indicate otherwise. Taking the time to gain a deep understanding of your unique industry, be it technology, financial services or retail, can make you a valuable resource for the organizations you target. It may seem counter-intuitive, but narrowing your focus can expand your marketability.

Build Cross-Functional Expertise.

While domain focus should remain narrow, knowledge of the functions within that field can be broadened to increase what you bring to the table. Gain an understanding of the how the various silos function and what their biggest challenges are. Improve your communication skills to work effectively with any level within any department.

Embrace Big Data.

The massive amount of data available for analysis should be a CMO’s dream. The ability to tightly target campaigns and effectively analyze results provides you with the information you need to maximize tight budgets and quantify your impact.

Understand Quantitative Analysis.

Focus your efforts on increasing your ability to analyze and interpret financial and marketing metrics. Learning to decipher balance sheets and assess ROI can give you a leg up over other CMO candidates. Quantifying the effect of marketing on improved performance allows you to translate its impact on the organization.

Increase Strategic Thinking Skills.

Look for indicators in today’s market to anticipate and prepare for shifts before they happen. As Chief Marketing Officer you are expected to predict changes in your industry, customers, and market position. How can you help your organization adapt to changes in the marketplace and create value now and in the future? Don’t get so entrenched in the day-to-day challenges that you forget to look at the big picture.

Learn How To Read A Balance Sheet.

As the marketing field changes to incorporate big data, it becomes critical to understand the direct quantifiable impact of your department has on the profitability of the organization. The ability to understand balance sheets will allow you to directly connect your efforts to ROI as marketing is increasingly expected to be a revenue generator rather than a cost center.

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