How can you tap into the hidden job market and advance your career? The best answer is to work with an executive recruiter. Many of the most selective organizations depend on the best recruiters to find outstanding candidates. But capturing the attention of top recruiters isn’t easy. One needs to know how to stand out when it counts most, and how to win over leading executive recruiters.

Build the relationship before you need it. When hiring, partner with a recruiter you would use to search for your own career opportunities. If you establish a relationship beforehand, you will have an understanding of the recruiter’s work ethic, expertise and connections before entrusting your own career to him.

Establish your expertise. Recruiters look for enlightened industry leaders; those who are not only experts in their field, but who can come up with fresh ideas and new ways at looking at business challenges. Finding people who perform their jobs as outlined is much easier than finding true innovators. Make yourself as known as possible in your field. Accept public speaking engagements where you can share your knowledge with an audience. Consider writing blogs, articles or a book on industry topics. Post your blog on LinkedIn. Participate in groups where you can share insights or answer questions.

Leverage LinkedIn. Include the names of the companies you’ve worked for in your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters often search for candidates who have worked at specific organizations with a reputation for hiring and developing the best people.

Know your recruiters. Don’t just work with any recruiter, even if they come highly recommended. Most specialize in a specific industry or functional area. Start building relationships with recruiters in your target industry now, so you can reach out when you are ready to make a move.

Why is working with a recruiter important?

Top companies have no interest in spending time screening resumes from unsuitable candidates, so many won’t advertise open executive positions at all. They will depend on a trusted recruiter to make discreet inquiries among top prospects. If you have an outstanding resume and track record of success and your recruiter knows you are open to new opportunities, yours will likely be one of the first numbers he dials when a suitable position becomes available. Contact the recruiting experts at BrainWorks today to take the next step in your career.

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