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2018-09-26 by MillerMultimedia

Who Thanks Whom?

A recent article penned for Inc by Suzanne Lucas made the bold statement: “Dear Hiring Manager, Perhaps You… Read More

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2018-09-12 by MillerMultimedia

Big Business Perks on a Small Business Budget

Let’s face it: this is a challenging employment market when it comes to hiring. There are more job… Read More

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2018-08-22 by MillerMultimedia

The Marshmallow Experiment

Inside each of us, a tumultuous war rages. One side offers immediate gratification, the exhilaration of living life… Read More

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2018-07-25 by MillerMultimedia

Smart Retention Strategies

The challenging steps to land a talented new employee are complete. They have the skills you want. They… Read More

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2018-07-11 by MillerMultimedia

How Companies Can Best Prepare for Candidate Interviews

Good interviews don’t happen by chance; instead, they are carefully crafted to put a company’s best foot forward… Read More

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2018-06-27 by MillerMultimedia

Hiring and Leadership Lessons Learned from Netflix

Netflix has redefined the way companies attract and retain employees. No matter what industry you are in, Netflix… Read More

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2018-06-13 by MillerMultimedia

Capturing Your Customer’s Attention: E-Commerce Trends

The e-commerce industry has already experienced a variety of notable trends this year. Companies around the world are… Read More

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2018-06-06 by MillerMultimedia

The Employee Experience: How to Boost Engagement and Cultivate Retention

Retention and longevity of productive employees can be attributed to their job satisfaction. If your organization is struggling… Read More

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2018-05-30 by MillerMultimedia

Great Questions to Ask During Your Interview

One way to stand out during the interview process is to ask thoughtful questions. Candidates who ask the… Read More

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2018-05-16 by MillerMultimedia

How to Answer Inappropriate Interview Questions

Some interview questions narrow down whether an applicant has the competence and qualifications needed for the job, other… Read More