One way to stand out during the interview process is to ask thoughtful questions. Candidates who ask the right questions will not only impress their prospective employers by showing that they’re fully prepared and confident, but they can also gain valuable insights into whether or not the position is ideal for them. Here are some questions that can help you get noticed during the interview.

How is Success Measured?

It’s possible that the position that you’re interested in has evolved over time to include different responsibilities than in the description posted. Candidates should inquire about which specific responsibilities or skills are most important to be successful in the position.

What are Some of the Challenges?

Since many companies purposely omit the challenges of a position in a job description, it’s often left up to each individual candidate to get that information during their interview. From expected budget restrictions to office dynamics, you won’t know what to expect unless you ask. Be prepared to discuss how you’ve overcome similar challenges in the past.

What is Your Timeline for Next Steps?

It’s often recommended for candidates to ask when they might hear back from a hiring manager. The timeline for each company varies, especially by their industry sector or company size. If the timeline that they provide passes, then it leaves the door open for you to follow-up via email, or a phone call, for any potential updates regarding their decision.

Who Had This Role Before?

This question can help you determine why the position is open. If there was a promotion, then it could be a solid indicator regarding future progression up the company ladder.

Candidates should refrain from using this portion of the interview to try and further pitch themselves for the job. The interviewer has already determined whether or not you are qualified for the job. Now is the time to access whether the employer is the right fit for you. It’s perfectly acceptable to request a meeting with potential coworkers to ensure that you are a good fit to the office culture and team dynamics. Inquire about the company’s leadership and evaluate the health of the company. Take the driver’s seat in the process – this is your future!


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