As the role of marketing continues to grow and evolve, so do the leadership roles required to implement change and keep the organization on target. Marketing has become more quantitative and data focused and less fuzzy. Marketing can no longer be considered fluff that drains revenue. Increasingly, savvy organizations realize that marketing can be a sales driver that bringing revenue directly to the bottom line.

As such, the role of the marketer is changing. These executive roles demonstrate the evolving role of marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer

While not a new position, the responsibilities and impact of this role have changed. The CMO is expected increasingly to have a firm grasp of big data and analytics. The metrics and accomplishments expected of this position will be more concrete.

Chief Content Officer

This executive is responsible for communicating the company’s brand. The CCO will unify all aspects of communication from social media to press releases to email marketing. Rather than have messaging come from these separate silos, the CCO will ensure that a consistent, coherent story is presented across the board.

Chief Listening Officer

The CLO will have an ear to the customer base to ensure that the organization’s message is received by its target audience and its reputation is intact. He will oversee a staff that monitors social media and other Internet channels to quickly respond to customer issues and identify trends. Any issues will be immediately addressed or routed to the appropriate departments like customer service, sales, tech support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Marketing Technologist

Marketing technology bridges the gap between IT and marketing. With increased emphasis on data, social media and mobile technologies, it’s essential to hire people who understand both marketing drivers and the latest technology.

How to Recruit the Most In-Demand Talent for These Developing Roles

Sell the value of your organization. From the first interaction with your hiring team, candidates should be made to feel valued and respected. Even as you evaluate them, you should be educating the interviewee on why joining your organization is the best choice for their careers.

Work With an Expert Recruiting Team

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