So, you’re thinking about working with a recruiting firm to help meet your hiring needs. But is it really worth the cost involved? After all, you have a perfectly capable in-house HR team. Why take the budget hit involved in adding a middleman to the process? In other words, if it isn’t really broken, why do you need to fix it?

Like any investment, when you add a search consultant to your HR team, you get what you pay for. If you partner with a niche firm that has the right qualifications, resources and knowledge of your business, the return on that investment will be excellent, as you’ll have the benefit of industry-specific expertise not available at a general firm.

It’s all about Value

In addition to knowing your company and its HR needs, a good recruiting firm has immediate access to a pool of candidates who can step in, fill a position and hit the ground running. Remember, slotting qualified individuals into the right job and satisfying both candidate and client in the process is the sole reason for their existence.

Partner with a firm that offers:

  • A robust candidate pool: Search consultants can quickly hire from an established pool of candidates. This saves you the time involved in reviewing resumes, checking backgrounds and references, and conducting multiple interviews.
  • Extensive professional networks: To efficiently meet your staffing needs, your partnering firm can tap into its local, regional and global networks and fill the gap. Sure, you have contacts as well, but the resources of a good recruitment firm are in a different league when it comes to sheer quantity – and they’re always up to date.

Additional Savings

It can cost three times the salary of a new employee if the wrong hiring decision is made. So when you weigh the cost of hiring a reliable recruiting firm against the expense of bringing the wrong person on board, the answer is a no brainer. And, don’t forget these additional costs associated with going it alone:

  • Advertising: Working with a search consultant, there’s no need to tie up staff time or budget dollars on employment ads and media strategies to attract candidates.
  • Head count: When you hire a consultant, you’re not obligated to offer a full 40-hour work week or related overtime. And, your head count remains stable as you finalize your staffing strategy.

Working with the right recruiting experts can be a lifesaver – as well as a budgetary and business win – when it comes to making the right match in the event of a job opening. Contact BrainWorks today to learn more.

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