Disruptive factors such as updates in technology, increased globalization and changes in consumer demand force businesses to adapt in order to remain relevant. Managing change is one of the most difficult challenges a business can face – and it takes a proactive approach to ensure success. Consider these strategies to help your business to survive and even thrive among disruptive influences.

Prepare For Change

Any kind of change is disruptive. Develop a plan to manage disruptions before they occur. Build a foundation from the board room to the front line with managers and executives who can guide their team through unpredictable times. Change can be positive or negative, depending on the approach you take. Resist the temptation to dig in when challenged with disruption, instead work with it. Chances are, you will be ahead of your competition who are less prepared.

Hire the Right People

To best overcome disruption, look for candidates who are flexible, creative and experienced in handling change. Select those with a verifiable record of success in creating and executing change management strategies. Avoid those from more static industries who have not had firsthand experience with such challenges. Identify the roles that you need to fill and the key indicators that candidates have potential for success. Leverage data when you are recruiting to determine which prospects have made quantifiable contributions to their previous organizations.

Recruit Strategically

Recruiting has changed. The time of posting an open position online and hoping a suitable candidate turns up is long gone. For best results organizations must now recruit consistently, even when there is no current opening to ensure that they have access to the strongest candidates. Hiring managers must search for passive candidates not currently looking for a new position and be ready to extend an offer should the ideal candidate become available. Building an ongoing talent pipeline like this can ensure that you always have access to the people you need.

Depend On Your Recruiting Partner

Partnering with a specialized recruiter can offer access to candidates with the specific skill and experience needed to manage your team though disruption. Your recruiter can reach out to a broad range of candidates who can help you to respond to various challenges. They will have developed and extensive network of qualified professionals and can even recruit from your competition – all of whom you could not normally access.

The specialized recruitment team at BrainWorks can help you overcome disruptive influences or turn them to your advantage. Partner with us to find proven leaders who can navigate your team through any challenge. Contact us today to learn more!

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