Last year was a significant year for big data with a variety of exciting developments. For instance, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector gained plenty of momentum as a growing number of tech firms continued to invest in its development. Some of the other niches that also showed strong growth included graph databases, cloud storage, big data fabrics, data science platforms and even big data case studies. Many of these trends are expected to continue in 2018, along with several other notable predictions.

1. The Rise of Edge Computing

Its already being deemed the next tech trend worth watching by many industry experts. Several major tech firms began investing in updating their platforms to support edge computing near the end of 2017.

2. The Internet of Things (IoT) Evolution

Users should expect to see more AI-integrated experiences as a greater number of devices become connected and capable of speaking to each other. From healthcare and utilities to manufacturing and transportation, numerous industries are using IoT to improve their effectiveness.

3. Data Engineers in Demand

Data Engineer is quickly becoming the hot new job title for 2018. If big data is analyzed appropriately, then it will positively influence your business strategy and overall value. Hiring the right analyst will enable you to answer the what, why and how of your data. The demand for data engineers has surged, reflecting the trend of big data efforts becoming more essential.

4. Taking it to the Cloud

More companies will transition to a primarily cloud-based strategy for big data analytics. A new study by Forrester Research, Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon For AI Is Over, predicts that 50% of enterprises will embrace a cloud-first strategy in 2018 for data, big data, and analytics Companies want more direct control over expenses and increased flexibility than they can get from on-premises software. Some experts are also forecasting that more organizations will initiate multi-cloud strategies as they weigh concerns over-relying on one specific cloud provider.

5. More Info-Security Challenges

The new year will bring a host of new security threats and challenges as the volume of public cloud utilization reaches unprecedented levels. Enterprises will need to invest more of their resources to protect their data from breaches, system vulnerabilities, account hijackings and malicious insiders such as system administrators.

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