Increasingly, professionals consider company culture when seeking a job. Workers spend more than a third of their time at work, so it’s important to many that they are aligned with an employer who reflects their values. They want to be proud of where they work. How can you create a culture that will attract and keep the best people?

Culture begins at the top

Do executives value work/life balance, or are they known to burn the midnight oil? Is there a commitment to excellence or a focus on just getting things done fast? Employees and potential employees look to upper management for cues. If you are hoping to establish or communicate a unified culture, it’s essential to gain executive buy-in.

Consider your structure

Does your organization work within an established chain of command or is your organization more flat? Are employees accustomed to seeing the CEO walking around the building and talking to employees? A company where anyone is comfortable sharing ideas and chatting with executives is different from one with a more rigid structure.

Be true to yourself

You don’t have to be the company where pet dogs roam free and there’s a ping pong table in the break room. Don’t be something you’re not. If your industry or own preference is one where people wear suits or start and end their day at specific times, you don’t necessarily have to change. Just pay attention to what may be changing in your field to know what kind of culture will attract the people who will contribute to your success.

Communication is key

In order to live your company culture, your employees and potential employees must understand it. Communicate your values, how they translate to daily business and what your people can do to promote them. Look also to social media to share your culture and message.

Respect will go far

Whether your culture is casual and collaborative or professional and structured, one thing that every organization can use is a culture of respect. Every employee, client and candidate should feel that they are heard, understood and valued no matter what their job.

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