In the age of Amazon, whether competing with the online marketplace juggernaut or utilizing it, making the most of your ecommerce recruitment process and hiring the right executives for the job is vital. That means working with a professional recruiting partner to get the right candidate at the right time.

Digital Marketing Manager

Customers are bombarded with advertising from morning until night, whether they’ve looking at the TV or their phones, or just driving down the street. The digital environment is so heavily saturated with ads that customers are inundated. Your business needs an executive with bold ideas and a successful track record, who can get through the noise to reach customers. Hiring the right Digital Marketing Executive for the job could be the difference between your products becoming a success or a flop. They need experience in successfully marketing products to the right audience, with a proven track record. Evaluating those skills and how their work impacted real results can be very difficult, but the right executive recruitment firm knows exactly how to identify STAR candidates.

Director of Site Optimization and User Experience

Optimizing your site for SEO helps your products appear in search engine results pages. User experience, or UX, can be the difference between a completed purchase and an abandoned cart. Both are essential for customers to discover and stay on your website. Much like a marketing manager, your Director of Site Optimization and User Experience needs to have a successful track record along with the necessary qualifications. Do they have SEO experience, and can they lead a team to optimize your site? Do they have experience in customer research to guide UX, and how to translate that to your website development team?

Director of Ecommerce

If your CPG company has brick-and-mortar stores but has an ecommerce division, you will need a Director of ecommerce. They need to have a working knowledge to analyze and build your online site to drive traffic to increase visitors, conversion rates, and ultimately sales. They need to manage everything from site navigation and user experience to promotional campaigns and content creation.

Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm

The best way to hire at the executive level is with an experienced recruiting firm that knows how to recruit, and more importantly, who to recruit. Look for a boutique recruiting firm that uses specialized tools and knowledge unique to the ecommerce industry in their recruiting process. They should have established networks and the sourcing skills to find the perfect candidate. They should have existing processes for vetting potential candidates, and helping you develop interview questions. Utilizing an executive recruiting firm’s ecommerce recruiters means having a team with industry experience on your side.

About BrainWorks

For 28 years, BrainWorks has successfully cultivated a reputation within the recruiting industry as a thought leader and innovator in the C-level and executive recruiting space. Their success is due to a combination of industry expertise, proprietary recruitment processes, extensive professional networks, and their standard setting level of experience across industries. BrainWorks’ recruitment strategies include the Talent Acquisition Profile (TAP), the Talent Evaluation Process (TEP), and their Seven Traits to Assess Results (STAR) system. That fusion of experience and knowledge from their proprietary recruiting tools means BrainWorks can source and evaluate top talent. When you partner with BrainWorks, your company will have the advantage of securing superior industry experts and trustworthy executive CPG and ecommerce recruiters. Additional Practice Areas include Finance, Data Science, Digital Marketing, IT, Private Equity, CRM, and Analytic Recruiting.

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