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2018-05-09 by MillerMultimedia

Procter & Gamble to Acquire Merck

Recently, Procter & Gamble announced they reached an agreement to purchase the consumer health division of German pharmaceutical… Read More

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2017-07-19 by MillerMultimedia

Evaluating New Talent – Corporate Matchmaking Part 2

Part one of this blog post introduced the use of personality testing for evaluating new talent. It examined… Read More

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2017-03-22 by MillerMultimedia

Turning the Grind Into the Goal – Part II

In part one of this post, the focus was on the pursuit of happiness or finding joy in your… Read More

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2017-03-08 by MillerMultimedia

What Do Excellent Candidates Want?

Good candidates are attracted to a company with a competitive compensation and benefits package. They are also likely… Read More

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2017-03-01 by MillerMultimedia

Understanding Candidate Expectations

Candidates have high expectations. And that’s natural and to be expected, right? So what’s the issue? The important… Read More

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2016-03-17 by MillerMultimedia

Company Growing? 3 Ways You Need to Adjust Your Talent Strategy

What is your best talent strategy as you grow your company for the future? Optimize your human capital… Read More

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2015-10-29 by MillerMultimedia

Watch For These Red Flags When Hiring Executive Talent

Recruiting executive talent comes with a lot of risk. Executive positions are high-visibility, high-impact roles. How you fill… Read More

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2015-09-22 by MillerMultimedia

Six Questions To Consider Before You Start Hiring

As an executive or manager seeking to build or augment your department team, you are eager to do… Read More

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2015-06-22 by MillerMultimedia

What Role Should Employee Referrals Play in Your Executive Recruiting Strategy?

Successfully filling your executive positions has the highest impact of any recruiting activity within your company. Well-connected members… Read More

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2015-05-18 by MillerMultimedia

Ideas to Increase Retention for your Leadership Team

What can you do to keep your leaders right where they are: at the helm of your company?… Read More