You may be a great hiring manager, but as in most circumstances, there is always room for improvement. As long as you have positions to fill, a team to build, and a company to grow, then you can always stand to improve your hiring skills. Competition is high and companies are upping their game to access talented candidates in their field. Here are some tips to keep your hiring skills sharp.

Clarify Outcomes

When you meet with the candidate it’s great to have a job description and discuss the core competencies it takes to fill the position. But the piece many hiring managers miss is to share specific expected outcomes for the candidate. Focusing on results will help you place the right person in the role especially when you have several talented people vying for the same position. Focusing on results will also clarify specifically what the candidate can do to succeed in the position. And when the deal is finalized the new hire will be more likely to stay for the long-term when she has a clear idea of what she needs to accomplish.

Meet With The Team

Even more important than meeting leadership, including managers and supervisors, is having the candidates chat with at least two peers and two subordinates early on in the process. This lateral vantage point is an important one to establish. It breaks the candidate out of interview mode; they are no longer trying to impress their supervisor but instead they are beginning to establish actual relationships within the organization. Having peers and subordinates interact with the candidate will help give everyone some real-world involvement and move the process forward by providing you with great insight into the candidate’s personality and ability to fit into the team.

Focus On Your Success

Yes, it’s a good idea to maximize your company’s brand. It’s also important to show potential candidates all the perks that come along with working for your organization. But one of the most critical things you can do to attract great talent is to focus on the success of your organization. Jobseekers are attracted to success. They want to know that the company they are joining is top in their field and that the company’s success points to longevity. A prosperous company has learned from experience and will work to continue in that direction by hiring great talent and helping lead them towards greater success along the way.

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