When contracting with a boutique recruiting firm to hire for an executive-level position within, for example, the Consumer Products industry, partner with experienced CPG recruiters to win the talent war. Ensure the company you pair with has the process and professional values that will result in a STAR candidate for the position. Not all recruiting firms have the assessment tools, the people, and the industry knowledge to secure the absolute top of the talent pool. Look for these values to find those that do.

They Commit to a Strong Recruiting Process

If you are looking for private equity recruiters, the best have proprietary processes for finding the top-performing candidates. Your recruiting partner should be able to create a clearly defined profile for the ideal candidate, have a documented process for evaluating talent, and have innovative sourcing processes in place. They should commit to seeking both passive and active talent, from those uploading resumes to someone who is not actively looking.

They Focus on Planning and Clear Communication

The first step in any search is planning, and this is where the processes mentioned above are vital. Creating the right talent profile and assessing your company’s culture can help guide the recruiting process, eliminating candidates that do not fit the skills needed for the position. This helps the recruiting firm offer the best pool of STAR talent on the first try. If this step gets skipped, you’ll likely end up with mediocre talent.

They Look Beyond Available Candidates

It’s possible that the best candidate available is not the best candidate. The best talent may not be actively looking for a new job. To find this talent, the recruiting firm needs to have extensive industry networks and the sourcing skills to find passive candidates. For example, if you are engaging with a recruiting firm for private equity recruiting, you want a team that has experience working with portfolio operations, internal investment teams, investment banks, and more. This experience helps them evaluate candidates, as well.

They Dig Deep and Work Quickly

Your recruiting partner should do extensive research into candidates. What is their experience in the industry? What are their accomplishments? Have they had success or failures in their previous positions? Do they have superior leadership qualities? If the answers align, time is of the essence to win the top talent. A slow hiring process could lose the STAR candidate to another offer.

They Embody Honesty and Transparency

The recruiting firm should be honest and transparent in all communication with your team. They need to be caring, trustworthy, and passionate about placing a successful candidate. They should always have an open line of communication.

They Know It Isn’t Over with an Offer

The hiring process isn’t over when the candidate accepts the offer. The recruiting firm should provide expert process management before, during and after the hire, acting as a liaison between your company and your new STAR talent.

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