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Chief Data Scientist – Top Skills Must-Haves
2020-10-20 by BrainWorks

Chief Data Scientist – Top Skills Must-Haves

The field of data science has continued to trend into an upward trajectory despite the impacts of COVID-19.… Read More

Data Science coding on a laptop
2020-08-18 by BrainWorks

5 Most In-Demand Roles in Data Science and Analytics

Like coding, love, and even klingon, data has its own language that only a select few experts can… Read More

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2018-01-24 by BrainWorks

5 Big Data Trends for 2018

Last year was a significant year for big data with a variety of exciting developments. For instance, the… Read More

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2016-12-14 by BrainWorks

Building Competitive Advantage: How Using Customer Insight Helps

Too often, business owners need to be reminded that getting new customers shouldn’t be the only goal that… Read More

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2016-12-07 by BrainWorks

Big Data Analytics: Why Organizations Continue Going All In

Governments use “it” to improve security measures against cyber threats. The healthcare industry even relies upon it to… Read More

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2015-11-20 by BrainWorks

6 Principles to Help You Find Talent to Manage Your Big Data Initiatives

Big data offers an opportunity to take a strategic and analytic approach to increasing your business and profitability.… Read More

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2015-02-15 by BrainWorks

Can Predictive Analysis Improve Your Hiring Process?

The global economy is on the rebound, and pressure has increased to quickly land top talent. Otherwise, you… Read More

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2014-09-30 by BrainWorks

Building Your Big Data Leadership Team

The power of data analytics is profoundly changing the global business landscape. Optimizing data-related opportunities to build productivity… Read More

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2014-09-29 by BrainWorks

Big Data: Can You Rely Too Heavily on Analytics When Hiring?

Predictive analytics and Big Data intelligence tools can be effectively leveraged to produce dynamic recruitment and retention results.… Read More

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2014-02-09 by BrainWorks

Using Data & Analytics Isn’t a Desire – It’s a Must. Are You Doing It?

Have you met Big Data? You’ve probably had a brief introduction, though you may not know it by… Read More